Main Pass - Breton Sound

Saratoga Resources currently owns and operates approximately 4,997 gross/net acres in 5 other fields in the Main Pass-Breton Sound area, namely Lake Fortuna, Main Pass 25, Main Pass 46, Main Pass 47 and Main Pass 52. Saratoga has a 100% working interest in all wells except one where the Company has an ORRI. The Company owns and operates 3 production platforms associated with these assets as well as several pipelines. In addition to processing and transporting our own oil and gas, Saratoga gets some revenues from third parties to handle their products.

These fields are mostly combination structural/stratigraphic trap fields in the Middle Miocene trend that were discovered with 3-D seismic technology. The reservoir drive mechanisms are water drive and combination water drive/pressure depletion. Saratoga has licensed SEI Breton Sound 3-D data that covers most of these properties.